Sheet Music and Licensing

While the recording of these songs has touched people lives, the use of these songs within live worship sessions can be even more powerful. You are encouraged to use these songs for live worship using the guidelines below.

Sheet Music

Sheet music, containing melody line, lyrics, and guitar chords, is available for each song. A bound set of sheet music for the entire collection of songs is also available.


Public use of these songs includes, but is not limited to, small prayer meetings, home bible study groups, church services, conference worship sessions, etc.

For small groups of 30 people or less (e.g. small prayer groups, bible study groups), an unlimited use license is implied with the purchase of the sheet music or music book. No additional licensing is required beyond the purchase of the sheet music or music book.

For groups larger than 30 people (e.g. church congregations, conferences, large prayer groups), use of these songs should be licensed through CCLI - Christian Copyright Licensing International, (1-800-234-2446). CCLI licenses thousands of praise and worship songs by a large number of major and independent music publishers.

If you wish to use particular songs for large groups without obtaining a general CCLI license, please contact Mike directly for details.

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